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Odds On: Ligue 1 – Matchday 16 – Free Soccer Betting Ideas, Picks & Predictions
Odds On: Ligue 1 - Matchday 16 - Free Football Betting Tips, Picks & Predictions
thanks hey there males and welcome to autson leakage and match day 16 th after the World Cup regrettably for the French soccer for Lincoln France didn ‘ t deliver home the Third World Cup Allen nevertheless we are going to consider this brand-new match at the moment how are you Alex.

Howdy hello sure successfully and delighted to the legion is again is again uh we’ve got a substantial amount of doubt he’s probably the toughest Journey we shall be uh for make the suggestion and uh nevertheless we’re right here and we shall be tried actually it ‘ s extraordinarily difficult after one month break is virtually starting over and with quite a few French teams with.

Gamers worldwide cup for France for the African teams so let ‘ s look at these brand-new match there be mindful continuously go away your remarks inform us your concepts push the like And subscribe and let ‘ s start with the video video games we’ve got on Wednesday the 28 th ayatsu and yeah is our very first online game each teams in journey each teams in switch Sports activities and yeah final one they.

Have been originating from uh beat versus Lil 70 fits aroso Allen in actually unhealthy pleasant and ayazio they had been considerably significantly better within the final online game with a draw versus nand whipping Strasbourg so we left ajatio significantly better than Jay sure ayatro with the with Bella is signing that enhanced.

The connection with the target for the reason that protecting stage is actually sturdy the final season in League do he was the easiest talents in regards to the group defend the target now on the beginning their missed out on goal up till their finalizing cussed stomach present a substantial amount of high quality within the final 30.

Meters and we noticed that within the result in modification shall be play with out you and had extra gamer in semi-final than Manchester Metropolis is that these are insane yeah he ‘ s insane nevertheless sure with out this gamer with this players which have a substantial amount of drawback with out this gamer it may be.

It may be powerful and easily design of play of ayat reveal uh disrupt so much uh I choose I actually profitable the possibilities are actually intriguing 1.91 enjoying for Morocco no I feel clearly sure and yeah players subsequent online game 2 teams out of the switch areas nevertheless extraordinarily shut only one level removed from relation actually the standings are extraordinarily.

Slim in league and journey they had been originating from a defeat Towards Breast actually actually unhealthy sort too 7 winless video video games and dropping areas within the desk whereas nand likewise for winless video video games Three attracts one defeat we had been awaiting nanth to rise up on the on one level on this legana Allen nevertheless probably not is among the many group can.

Be have extra earnings in regards to the World Cup as a consequence of the truth that they placed on ‘ t have a substantial amount of uh of players went to the to the World Cup and uh I consider uh Cowboy can return the bottom in regards to the final season of not the place they ‘ re have the flexibility to win the French camp within the recentlies previous to the World Cup not improve not took the Rhythm in regards to the double.

Sport in every week in Europe and in uh in Ligon now two occasions is among the many most powerful uh Crew to uh to make concepts since there’s a group in a position to rating versus each group is a gaggle in a position to profitable uh versus the 2nd within the desk nevertheless is a gaggle in a position to lose versus the underside the underside uh the underside group within the within the.

Liga for that online game I need to each group to attain the frequency able to toss a online game and each group to ranking is excessive we are able to try that probabilities 1.67 actually is the best in league and 13 out of 15 video video games of Tua ending led to each teams to ball sport so nice probabilities for that an individual subsequent online game Monaco out of the European sport there are 6 within the standings.

They misplaced versus Olympic Maxell within the final online game enthusiastic about 2 aims on the finish of the online game since they had been main 2 one and it is a difficult online game for Monaco because of the truth that they will or secure it ‘ s actual that they continue to be in switch areas nevertheless once they alright I ‘ ll set uh once they alter the supervisor.

We noticed an enhancement notably within the within the face with out the pollicia is a magician to preserve the classification with the along with his group we noticed that uh in Amia we noticed that in L ‘ Oreal and uh science is signing is checking in Oxford we noticed a gaggle extra comfortable with out the ball that beast I consider uh supply to Felicia to.

Introduce his uh idea striving to have that design of play and it will likely be up till completion of the season oxia shall be disagreeable group in the beginning he was a very scholastic group with an really offending idea of soccer nevertheless in Liga is Artwork to uh to win and uh to uh to can uh use that form of online game now.

Monaco in I’m just a little dissatisfied with the season of Monaco as a consequence of the truth that the capability is uh is biggest than his class we noticed that within the Champions League playoff versus PSV we noticed that um in Europa League with some video video games the place the group was not was not right here and uh threatens online game I choose a shock.

For that online game Oxford double likelihood probabilities 2.07 alright consumed to get factors versus Monaco likewise a bit irritating I consider the season up till now for Lil they usually have one other troublesome online game versus Claire Moore nevertheless they had been likewise utterly sort previous to the break 5 winless video video games and I state unhealthy for Lil since with Fonseca the hopes had been excessive they don’t seem to be.

Very reliable when they’re touring this season and with out European opponents alternative I feel we should anticipate little to finish a minimal of in European Sports activities on this ligand sure Lil is among the many group altered extra all through he’s his mother to have enjoyable with the finalizing of Fonseca the group altered the modification plan is a.

Totally different group in between the final Three seasons is an is among the many group have the flexibility to regulate his design of play to have that talents of competitivity within the within the Liga the opposite day keep in mind he was a gaggle actually amusing really offending all through the summer time season their finalizing players to play one other soccer to change the.

Register in regards to the online game and the outcomes are literally wonderful are actually wonderful within the very first a part of the season um each group if we examine the statistics the frequency in regards to the over 1.75 is actually excessive and I choose the safety for that online game over 1.75 probabilities 1. 30 all proper the aims actually I ‘ m.

Checking the statistics we’ve got in Xperia I ‘ ll finish 10 out of 15 video video games for Lil and did over 2.5 aims and that’s really so much to be honest it ‘ s really excessive it ‘ s really excessive the teams with extra actually 11 out of the 15 video video games ended over 2.5 aims so subsequent online game is breast Leone.

One other irritating group I consider Olympic Leon they had been originating from a draw versus Area of interest a defeat versus Marcel they’ve a brand-new supervisor be mindful Laura Blanc or will not be that brand-new any longer nevertheless clean they he took management of and the difficulty continuously with Leon Allen is when they’re taking a visit only one Victory alternative enjoying away.

Sure is a matter nevertheless blah had the flexibility to repair that with the triumph in Montpellier previous to the World Cup um he revealed some limitation within the uh within the online game versus essentially the most important group within the within the Libya but nevertheless I ‘ m really curious to uh to search out if uh if Leon all through this month work effectively and will be saved his standing and be again to the.

Highest uh location within the league as a consequence of the truth that the group are constructed to play in Europe and now that they will ‘ t conceal extra as a consequence of the truth that there had his months of preparation with the group the outcomes all through the Friendship online game aren’t really actually effectively is among the many worst group within the within the.

Area and their modification the supervisor uh which have some gamer within the worldwide cup and like Daddy uh will be performed that online game versus uh versus Leon I consider is the wonderful minute for neon uh and he ‘ s a superb opportunity to start effectively within the 2nd a part of the season and I choose Leon profitable in breast probabilities.

1.93 all best and on Wednesday we likewise have psgs switch among the many worst teams on this league and working the danger of switch penultimate within the standings and I ‘ m curious to see Alan PSG again and notably the trio now after seeing Messi and Buffet within the final after seeing Neymar with the uncle harm let ‘ s see if there’s some hangover in.

The celebrities of PSG after the World Cup sure particularly in assault you can be the an really younger group shall be betting uh versus raspberry is a wonderful likelihood to uhtk is a good likelihood to Sanabria for Sanabria to um now we shall be we shall be uh see the protection my concern is the protection.

As a result of marquinos doesn ‘ t will play Kim pembe are again nevertheless how he shall be again after his uh his historical past Strasbourg are literally comfortable versus the group of possession of the balls that was working in shift offending shift is a factor with high quality with a substantial amount of uh of argument now PSG shall be managed the online game I noticed each teams.

Rating on this online game the possibilities 1.81 alright by the strategy naturally main scorers of the league nonetheless the PSG players initially with 12 volts then Neymar with11 subsequent video video games at the moment on Thursday Loria montpellian actually the third main scorer of the opponents is.

Probably the most important shock of the season of or among the many biggest shock Loria they’re 15 the standings they had been lowering previous to the break 5 winless video video games the final one was a draw versus Strasbourg and Montpellier Allen usually it ‘ s an amusing online game an amusing group to view likewise they remained in a nasty minute of earlier 7 winless video video games for them.

Sure you might have an enormous limitation once they ‘ re plate away seeing their gained simply in breasts if my reminiscence will not be uh will not be previous and once they start to lose in your house was again within the within the combating versus her switch is a very younger group he ‘ s a very younger group and is tough to deal with the younger the youngest group once they start to lose.

After which I’m wondering to search out if that there can a modification that uh that guideline because it threatens this season 14 go to the league and this group to combating I consider their mis-experience now with the youngest group when your group begin to profitable uh there can browse.

About that uh that um that way of thinking um versus authorized consultant is so powerful uh to repair profitable in L ‘ oreal L ‘ oreal is a is a gaggle play like uh like a robotic gadget for the reason that concepts are literally clear the group in my viewpoint after 5 weeks he wasn ‘ t shocked nevertheless after 15 weeks will not be a shock it ‘ s a fact and uh I consider.

That one l ‘ oreon understood the this online game is definitely important to reboot effectively to reboot effectively and fill the feeling that had within the very first 15 uh 15 journey and is a direct online game since for one more the aspiration the target in regards to the season is he conserved the classification and he ‘ s a direct group um and is a wonderful likelihood to extend.

The the excellence of the of the purpose chances are high really fascinating I consider which have we’ve got extra distinction in between each teams I choose lawyer profitable probabilities 1.95 all proper the following online game goal run and we left these 2 teams in an really wonderful sort actually then they alter the supervisor and ever since they’re getting.

Good outcomes the final one was a draw versus Montpellier nevertheless previous to that Victory is dipping into home and run in Champions League Sports activities Allen they usually want 6 out of the final 7 video video games in ligam sure is among the many best group in regards to the very first a part of the of the Season Ren Miss sooner or later.

We miss out on one thing in regards to the character not within the within the technical tactical um within the gamer within the particular evaluation is a is a very sturdy group maybe they ‘ ll lose some uh Defender Middle Defender Middle again nevertheless uh was uh was really in a position to uh to change the way of thinking in regards to the difficult uh beginning of the Season we.

Noticed a superb group in Europe and a terrific group within the final 10 journey in ligand the very the very first 5 Journey now that ‘ s um have extra play than the purpose as a consequence of the truth that Russ is a is a gaggle actually effectively labored um the choice in regards to the supervisor aren’t for the outcomes is a private.

Motive to for a drama who has really lived Oscar Garcia and their save is I hello there about this soccer I consider most to ship out a message to the Liga and there want to do this to win in uh in an enviornment laborious to win the possibilities are intriguing is actually excessive and I consider we are able to try and after that profitable uh Sunday uh the 28 th uh crimson profitable probabilities 2.27

I ‘ m the easiest online game in my viewpoint of this match at the moment is the following one is Lance with Lance the easiest teams in among the many best teams on this league and 2nd within the standings in really wonderful sort 5 successive triumphes on condition that they misplaced their Derby versus Lil likewise profitable the pleasant online game seeing winter season and Good Allen amongst these teams that.

They ‘ ve been actually essential within the very first a part of the season they’re 19 the standings and they should improve naturally within the 2nd a part of the season sure the capability of necessities is uh is definitely fascinating nevertheless there have some inner points with the supervisor the daddy seek the advice of with the with the media is recurrently disturbed he said the target is.

The Champions League nevertheless uh this season after 15 Journey we are able to so requires not in Champions in European please we consider we’ve got 7 eight group uh Hub to require on this minute probably the beast of the World Cup will be supplied to Lucia far to change some issues the final online game that lose Three-Zero versus uh will not be an good news in.

Change loss I consider is among the many of the group who will be have the extra benefits to uh to the World Cup Lance is a gaggle play a soccer actually hinted heads and their requirement a bodily situation continuously within the main since once they ‘ ve lose that they ‘ ll lose the his uh his way of thinking is uh his design of play.

And um is remodel the group in a typical group um at this minute I consider is a gaggle we shall be noticed a substantial amount of aims and I choose the opposite 2.75 probabilities 2.42 drive within the standings out of the champs league nevertheless contemplating that they’re out.

Of the Champions League David Monaco David Leon in league on and now they’re coping with to lose Three successive beats previous to the break for to lose probably one other group that over perform within the very first weeks of the competitors and they’ll battle I feel is typical to see to lose on this center a part of the households.

Sure nevertheless the current which might be working really effectively the idea it clears The Scouting is a is actually nice as a consequence of the truth that they ‘ re working so much with the with the data and we their discover gamer will be think about that high quality to the to the group and idea of design of play is definitely clear uh that doesn ‘ t have enjoyable with a substantial amount of.

Stress since that begins actually effectively and in to lose the there’s a substantial amount of time we put on ‘ t reveal that uh number of followers within the within the enviornment they reside actually effectively now you might have a very wonderful response within the after the Champions League with uh that Victor in Monaco.

From the beginning of the season when a substantial amount of people are state profitable within the illegal they ‘ re dropping Champions and once they start to profitable within the Champions they ‘ ll begin to lose in Liga the group is a is a is a good group he ‘ s a superb group I consider the design of play is uh is evident is a gaggle play with a continuously.

An element actually excessive now we shall be so um with out getting doozy and there are 2 within the within the sand within the within the center within the Midfield um that an individual will be will be made the excellence and generally is a limitation in my viewpoint notably within the stage of uh out of possession uh.

Now Marseille have offending powder offending powder it ‘ s actual and it’s damage nevertheless he performed um his program he has uh but yeah as soon as once more a substantial amount of high quality uh to um to deal with the protecting offending stage of uh on a pig demarse I choose each group to attain for that online game.

Odds 1.80 all proper that is it we accomplished the 10 video video games we’ve got for Match Day 16 in League which one is your most well-liked wager my most well-liked wager is that this loss over 1.75 aims probabilities 1.463 all finest and your file not each group to attain Clermont over.

1.75 aims misplaced over 2.75 for an general 10.24 enthusiastic let ‘ s try to win some money so we are able to spend money on New Yr ‘ s Eve the league actually is again for New Yr ‘ s Day so Alan see you quickly thanks for having fun with males be mindful should you delight within the.

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