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The Greatest NFL Betting Picks for Week three
The Best NFL Betting Picks for Week 3
Friday NFL Version Ravens money line at New England Saints money line in Carolina Raiders money line at Tennessee I ‘ ll lay the 5 and a half with the Vikings I ‘ ll lay the 6 with the Bengals want to put 5 and a half with the cooks Packers plus one and a half Seahawks money line Jimmy G and the Niners money line at Denver I had the.

Colts plus 6 versus the Chiefs and after that heavy wager on the over of that online game at 50 and a half uh we likewise have the Baltimore Ravens minus 2 and a half the Detroit Lions overlaying makers plus three the combating Dougie Davis Mills plus three Las Vegas Raiders money line Panthers money line Packers money line the beneath a 44 and a half 49 ers at.

Denver let ‘ s trip what ‘ s occurring man NFL Sunday begins with 2 5 star performs initially one Bengals minus 6 on the Jets oh the Bengals are lifeless I put on ‘ t imagine so blowout metropolis 2nd one division home pet leaders plus 7 and a half at home with the Eagles prefer it Falcons plus one at Seattle I merely imagine the Falcons have a much better.

Offense get pleasure from them there ‘ s Sunday Evening Soccer 49 ers money line positively get pleasure from all of it one of the best God bless These Gamer are wonderful!! These bets are slightly good!! Welcome to Hammer DAHN shorts! We might be placing our alternative AHT by doing this until our most up-to-date office #girldad Tone Digz is again within the office. Todays episode highlights the Sunday week three NFL slate.
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